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Main Sunder Road, Raiwind District Lahore, Pakistan.
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Health Care

FOR three years after a car crash left her with chronic pain, Deanna Adams searched high and low for relief. Mrs. Adams, 41, a stay-at-home mother in West Palm Beach, Fla., consulted a physical therapist, a chiropractor, two doctors (a pain specialist and a neurologist) and an acupuncturist � to no avail.

She also went to basic yoga, hoping asanas would ease the debilitating back pain, neck spasms and migraines that plagued her. After each class at LA Fitness, Mrs. Adams felt better for a few hours, but her symptoms inevitably returned.

It was only after her first yoga therapy session with Emily Large, who runs Living Large Therapeutics, that she realized why group yoga left her cold. �When you go to a yoga class, everybody is doing the same thing,� Mrs. Adams said. �If you have a neck or back injury, the instructor doesn�t know.�


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