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Main Sunder Road, Raiwind District Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 (42) 35391226-7

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About Us:

The Rana Al-Habib Memorial Hospital Foundation was envisioned over a three year period solely to cater towards our most esteemed and valued residents of the Raiwind area of Lahore and also, residents and patients from all parts of our beloved nation, Pakistan.

Finances are a very major issue when it comes to getting quality health care within Pakistan. Unfortunately, the majority of patients in Raiwind and patients throughout Pakistan, have no choice but to compromise heavily on their personal health needs or even, avoid all medical care, simply due to the extreme health care costs patients have to bare. Our hospital, is pleased to provide excellent medical facilities and care to all members of Pakistan's society, regardless of their personal financial standing. We humbly believe, that in doing so, we are one of only a handful of medical institutions that are able and willing to provide such a high level of medical care and attention. Our aim, is to be a beacon of excellence for patients in Raiwind and throughout Pakistan, through the implementation and exercise of exemplary medical care.

Background and Rationale

Our beloved nation has a population of over 182 million which is growing at an approximate rate of 3% per annum. The literacy rate is quite low (when compared with the average rate of literacy in South Asia), with an approximate income of only $1400 per annum. As is the case with the majority of nations in South Asia and most nations which are categorized as "Third World" nations - healthcare facilities in Pakistan suffer from a severe lack of adequacy and availabilyty towards the population at large. Adequate medical care, for those fortunate enough to be able to afford it, is usually limited to those people residing in the larger cities of the nation, such as Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Not for Profit and Philanthropic

Not for profit medical organizations within Pakistan, which are supported by local communities and private and local professionals, do provide a ray of hope, through which certain hospitals and private medical clinics have been established for the poor and needy. However, the average population to hospital ratio in Pakistan remains at a shocking, one bed to 2000 persons. These existing hospitals and medical clinics, simply cannot meet the medical needs of the population, mainly because of their very limited financial recourse and resources.

However, these not for profit and philanthropic medical organizations, with the support, assistance and help from the local communities, are continuing to try their best to serve the needs of these marginalized and unfortunate patients, as best as possible. The city of Lahore and especially the area of Raiwind, suffers greatly because of a distinct lack of affordable and quality health care for it's needy and less fortunate residents. This humbly, is where the Rana Al-Habib Memorial Hospital Foundation excels and will continue to excel long into the future. We provide excellent medical care and attention at an affordable price - and are very pleased to provide, absolutely free, exemplary medical care to patients who are truly unable to afford medical costs.

The 120 bed Rana Al-Habib Memorial Hospital Foundation, shall endeavor to serve the medical needs of all Raiwind residents and also, residents of Pakistan as a whole, in the most courteous and professional manner possible.

The Rana Al-Habib Memorial Hospital Foundation was conceived in the year 2013. A renowned architect, one of the most respected and sought after in the nation, was contracted by us to envision and implement the planning of the hospital in accordance to international "First World" standards and specifications.

The backbone of our medical institution - our respected medical staff, were carefully selected from the leading medical institutions of the United States and of Pakistan. These medical professionals and specialists, have years of proven progressive practical, medical experience and expertise in their respective fields.


Latest news:

OutDoor patient department is now fully operational at RANA AL- HABIB MEMORIAL HOSPITAL where fully qualified doctors are available from 9 AM to 3 PM
Complete checkup with Rs. 50 and free medicine.
Special facility available for needy people.
Rana Al-Habib, Main Sunder Road, Lahore
Ph: 042 - 35391226